Welcome to the Epson Rebate Pre-submission website.

You will need the following items to complete the submission of your rebate:

  1. Copy/original dated store receipt or invoice with purchase(s) circled.
  2. The original or copy of the Epson UPC from the product box. Click here for a visual image of a typical UPC.
  3. Original product serial number label: the serial number that is usually located on the bottom or edge of the box.
  4. Customer Rebate Summary form provided at the end of this process.
  5. One envelope and stamp.

To begin your on-line pre-submission, please select the appropriate rebate program and click start.

You are eligible to receive a redemption code for a SMART Notebook Software license if you:

  1. Purchased a BrightLink Pro projector through an Education Institution in the U.S. and Canada (on going)
  2. Lost your redemption code that came in the box (on going)

To begin your BrightLink-SMART notebook on-line pre-submission:
  1. Select BrightLink-SMART Notebook (EA000) in the drop down menu below.
  2. Complete and submit the form.
  3. After submission of the form, you will receive an email with further instructions (including a requirement of providing the proof of purchase via email).
  4. Allow 10 business days for processing.
  5. If you have multiple purchases, enter one serial number on the form. After you receive your confirmation email, you will be provided with the instructions on providing a list of serial numbers.
If you already have your redemption code(s) and wish to redeem your copy of Notebook Software, please click here.

If you have purchased a large volume of BrightLink projectors and wish to consolidate all your redemption codes to receive a single SMART Notebook registration key, please e-mail all your redemption codes to SMART Technologies.

If the rebate you are trying to pre-submit is not found in the drop down list, please phone 1-800-277-6187 for assistance.



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